The Yellow Kitchen

7th July 2022

‘A heady mix of politics, friendship, sex and food, poignant, provocative and utterly distinctive’ — Paula Hawkins 

‘An exquisite novel – beautifully rendered, powerfully told, and so deeply felt. I urge you to read this novel – you will never forget it’ Lucia Osborne-Crowley, author of My Body Keeps Your Secrets

‘Vialleron’s debut weaves the complexities of female friendships with attractions, desire, politics and food.’  Stylist

A yellow kitchen stands as a metaphor for the lifelong friendship between three women: Claude, the baker, goal-orientated Sophie and political Giulia. They chase love and careers; dreaming and consuming in the city, but always returning to the yellow kitchen to share a meal.

That is, until a trip to Lisbon unravels unexplored desires between Claude and Sophie. Having sex is one thing, waking up the day after is the beginning of something new.

Exploring the complexities of female friendship, The Yellow Kitchen is a hymn to the last year of London as we knew it and a celebration of the culture, the food and the rhythms we live by.

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‘Rich and thoroughly intoxicating, The Yellow Kitchen is a sensual journey into friendship, food and female sexuality, full of complex, fascinating characters and bold ideas. I loved it’
Rosie Walsh 

‘Mixing female friendship, romance, loss, redemption, and memorable meals, The Yellow Kitchen is the perfect recipe for a flavourful literary feast. With subtle dashes of wit and generous sprinklings of honesty, Margaux Vialleron has crafted a brave and tender tale’
Kim Fay

The Yellow Kitchen is so warm and convivial in atmosphere, and its discussion of the politics of the UK and their impact very poignant. It portrayed beautifully the sense of adventure of being a certain age, with its rush and richness and emotional confusion, and I found it such a satisfying read’
Emily Itami 

‘Stylishly written, this witty portrayal of the appetites and private passions of a young group of friends is a moreish and utterly satisfying feast, best devoured slowly over a few delicious sittings’

Caroline Eden 

‘Set in 2019, at a time of intense political change in the UK, this is a rich novel that explores the complexities of female friendship and sexuality, love and politics’

Daily Mail