The Onion Papers

storytelling in the kitchen: a newsletter

The Onion Papers are agglomerations and digressions from things I cook, eat, read and observe — a celebration of forms and imagination, flexing language — a recipe book and almanac in drafting.

Here is what you can expect from The Onion Papers:
TOP Kneading Clubrecipes and notes on craft, sent on Mondays. Topics include reading, writing, foraging and how bodies and the land are connected.
TOP Pantryan index of all the Onion Papers recipes, reading lists, and the occasion to think and cook together.
TOP Stories: dispatched to all subscribers every other Thursday. Topics and forms vary with my mood and the seasons.

Some examples from my newsletter include The Humble Dough, Cucina Pantesca, My Mother’s Tongue, If Silence Could Speak, Three Tokens of Time, and In Praise of Eating in Bed. I also like to write about places such as the woods and foraging, Vendée, Paris or Livorno.

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