Margaux Vialleron

dancing, writing in kitchens

I’m a French-born, London-based writer, co-host of the book club and culinary community The Salmon Pink Kitchen and translation rights agent.

Most of my work focuses on food and seasonality, memory and archives, as well as language and culture. My debut novel, The Yellow Kitchen, will be published by Simon & Schuster in July 2022. I also write essays, recipes and reviews for publications like Potluck and via the Salmon Pink Kitchen channels. I’ve given lectures and joined panels on the subjects of literature, translation and food, and I co-host the podcast The Salmon Pink Kitchen.

I’m open to speaking and writing commissions in both English and French. For queries or to discuss a project, please get in touch with my agent Kirsty McLachlan. Alternatively, you can use the form on this website or find me on Twitter and Instagram.

The Yellow Kitchen

Simon & Schuster (7 July 2022)

London E17, 2019. A yellow kitchen stands as a metaphor for the lifelong friendship between three women: Claude, the baker, goal-orientated Sophie and political Giulia. They have the best kind of friendship, chasing life and careers; dating, dreaming and consuming but always returning to be reunited in the yellow kitchen.

That is, until a trip to Lisbon unravels unexplored desires between Claude and Sophie. Having sex is one thing, waking up the day after is the beginning of something new.

Exploring the complexities of female friendship, The Yellow Kitchen is a hymn to the last year of London as we knew it and a celebration of the culture, the food and the rhythms we live by.

‘Rich and thoroughly intoxicating, The Yellow Kitchen is a sensual journey into friendship, food and female sexuality, full of complex, fascinating characters and bold ideas. I loved it’
Rosie Walsh 

‘A heady mix of politics, friendship, sex and food, poignant, provocative and utterly distinctive’
Paula Hawkins 

‘An exquisite novel — beautifully rendered, powerfully told, and so deeply felt. I urge you to read this novel — you will never forget it’
Lucia Osborne-Crowley 

Essays and Journalism

Some of my most recent articles for the Salmon Pink Kitchen include Bedtime Story With an Amaro,  A Recipe for Homecoming in Three Escargots, On Making pasta When I Cannot go Dancing and Stamped Melons: a carte postale from Cannes. You can access the full archive here.

My personal essay and recipe Toscana in bocca was published by Potluck (print) in December 2021.

I also co-write the monthly Salmon Pink newsletter, a celebration of women artists and writers in the form of a last supper.


I co-host the Salmon Pink Kitchen podcast with Irene Olivo. Join us and our guests, whose professions and hobbies challenge the world of food, its culture, history, production chain and sustainability, for a meal. 

You can find us on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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I was born in Paris in 1993 and moved to London, via Montréal, in 2015. I’ve lived in seven kitchens in the UK, including one with salmon pink walls that introduced me to the world of feeding and all that came afterwards: solo cooking or hosting meals for friends, always dancing before the kitchen counter; dough kneading to end a day, reading or writing at the kitchen table while baking a loaf of bread the morning after. I look at trees often, collect cans of sardines, and record the seasons as I go on runs and bring vegetables back with me. I type notes to myself on my phone as much as the cloud allows (before I free some space and repeat). I currently live in an aquamarine kitchen in North London. 

Pronouns: she/her

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I’m represented by Kirsty McLachlan at Morgan Green Creatives.

For PR enquiries regarding my novel, The Yellow Kitchen, please contact